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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ravelry Groups

I have found that being part of various Ravelry groups is a great way to learn new things.  I have been a member of a group called Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong for a while now and that group is especially great for learning new techniques and stitches.  It is not just for knitting though.  Crocheters are welcome as well.  They always offer something for knitters and crochet and since I do both I just pick which one I like the best.  Sometimes I end up doing both.

Well, this week I chose the knit cloth pattern and I am loving it.  It is a knitting pattern called
Knit Knot Stitch Dishcloth by Mei Lynne Travis.  I just love the way mine is turning out!  Check it out on her blog!

It is a bit hard on that hands though.  I have to take a break after a few rows because the pain in my hands gets to be too much.  If you have arthritis you might want to skip this one.

- D

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