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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dish Soap Diva

A lady from my ravelry group that makes dishcloths posted this pattern for a Liquid Dish Soap Apron.  I love it and couldn't wait to make one!  It is a nice, easy pattern too with so many fun ways you could change it up and various details.

Here is mine sitting by my sink.  Cute huh?

Dish soap apron

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An apple a day...

I've been loving this apple dishcloth crochet pattern!  I have made two and they turn out so cute after blocking.  They tend to cup a little as your making it but after blocking they lay nice and flat.

I've made two so far and on the second one I decided to learn the bullion embroidery stitch that is used to make the seeds.  I found a video on youtube that was easy to follow.  I just used my regular blunt tip darning needle and the eye is larger but I just let the loops get real loose when pulling the needle through and then lighten them up before finishing the stitch.  It really is pretty easy stuff and looks cool too.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I adore this pattern!

A while back I stumbled upon this super cute starfish dishcloth pattern by Lily Sugar'n Cream and I just love how it works up.  It is so easy and is made mostly with single crochet so the stitches are small and close together.  I hate dishcloths that have big holes!  The best dishcloths don't have holes that your fingers can slip through, they have small, close together stitches that create texture for scrubbing.

There are so many dishcloth patterns available that are not practical for their purpose.  This one is great.  It is a nice size, does a good job at cleaning, and it is pretty!

I'll be putting these in my store soon!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ravelry Groups

I have found that being part of various Ravelry groups is a great way to learn new things.  I have been a member of a group called Dishcloth Weekly Knitalong for a while now and that group is especially great for learning new techniques and stitches.  It is not just for knitting though.  Crocheters are welcome as well.  They always offer something for knitters and crochet and since I do both I just pick which one I like the best.  Sometimes I end up doing both.

Well, this week I chose the knit cloth pattern and I am loving it.  It is a knitting pattern called
Knit Knot Stitch Dishcloth by Mei Lynne Travis.  I just love the way mine is turning out!  Check it out on her blog!

It is a bit hard on that hands though.  I have to take a break after a few rows because the pain in my hands gets to be too much.  If you have arthritis you might want to skip this one.

- D

Monday, July 8, 2013

New blog for crafts

I enjoy making things and learning new skills.  A while back I made an etsy store called Creative Aspirations  to sell the things I make.  Of course I had some health problems (I have fibromyalgia for one) and never got very far but I'm feeling better now.  I've decided to start anew and get my store going.

I, however, am not one that can keep all the fun to myself.  I love learning and trying new stitches and techniques and I always share what I have learned.  So, since my main blog isn't really about crafting I decided to make another one for that purpose.  So if you see something in my store and wish you knew where I found that pattern or what changes I made than you should follow my blog and my ravelry page.