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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

YOP 10.31.16


Bet you didn't expect a post from me.

I had a really bad flare up of pain that wasn't like what I'm used to with the Fibromyalgia.  My doctor suspects it may be RA and put me on a round of steroids to calm things down and then started me on a med used for RA.  I guess it take at least 13 weeks to start to work.  I also had a cold and I've been very tired (which may be from the cold or a side effect of the new meds).  We will see.  I've been feeling a little bit better and was able to do a few things.

I started learning how to tat again and I made this tatted awareness ribbon.  I thought it would be easy to do since I used to tat before but it I had forgotten how to get started again.  I pulled out my 3 ring binder I put together for my tatting notes and patterns but I didn't have anything on there about how to start lol  I had to learn the basics again and I used this site http://www.georgiaseitz.com/  I actually learned from another site and some youtube videos originally but Georgia's site is very helpful.

I wanted to make this into a Fibromyalgia Awareness pin for obvious reasons.  I wanted to find a purple butterfly to put on it but I couldn't find one at Joann's and our Michaels store is closed due to a fire.  Anyway, this is what I ended up with.

I also was finally able to knit the Bankhead hat. I could have made about 4 of these with all the work I did if I didn't have to take out so much to fix mistakes.  The fibro or whatever is causing the pain makes it really hard to focus sometimes.

It kind of bugs me that the ribbing slants.  I thought it wouldn't show when it was on someone's head but it does.  My husband said his hat should be longer so he can fold up the edge and pull it down over his ears when it gets really cold.  Plus he said it should be black to go with his gloves.  It is also a bit thin.  This is lion brand wool ease yarn so it has some wool but I think the wind we've been having will go right through it.  I'm going to get some bulky wool yarn in black to make him a hat.  One of my boys will wear this one.  I already got some bulky yarn in royal blue to match the fleece lining to his coat but since he made the comment about matching his gloves I'll do that for him.  I'm just so happy to finally finish my first knitted hat!  I had a hard time with the dpn's at first.  I didn't have a problem when I was making socks but I guess it is a little different.  Mine are mostly metal and I got right up to the last row and a couple of my needles just slid out and dropped several stitches.  I couldn't figure out how to fix it with all the decreases so I had to start over.  I finally found some needle tip stopper things that came with something I bought.  I didn't understand why I would need them.  They were called "needle point protectors" so I just stuffed them away thinking I didn't need to protect my needle tips since I'm always at home.  I used them to stick on the ends of my dpn's to keep the stitches on while I was working on the other areas.  That worked and I'm thinking that is probably what they are actually for.   They really should call them "Stitch protectors."

Well, that is all for me for now.  I'm happy to finally have an update after being MIA for several weeks.  I will be flying to Anchorage (Alaska) to see my Rheumatologist this Thursday and I always enjoy seeing the mountains there.  I'll try to get a few pictures to share.  It really is amazing to me that you can be in the middle of the city surrounded by cars and shopping and restaurants and you can look up to the horizon and see the mountains.  It looks like the city is built right up to them.  I don't fly well but it is only a 30 minute flight from here.  I hope it isn't too bumpy this time.