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Friday, July 22, 2016


So Buddy the Beagle Baby, the angel that he is, got his chops into my cute little baby dress I've been working on.  I thought I'd saved it at the time but just now noticed this snag just as I finished weaving in the yarn ends.  So the dress is finished now except for the trim which is a decorative edge around the bottom, neckline and sleeve edges.  I have pulled the snag through to the inside of the dress and you can't tell anything from the front side now.  It is a double crochet stitch (US) that is snagged but the stitch is fine.  The yarn strands have separated and one is pulled farther out.  This snag is about .5 to .75 of an inch.

Does anyone know the best way to fix something like this?

Other than that the dress is finished now except for the trim and I don't have enough yarn to finish that.  I will either have to get another skein or use a contrasting color.  Or, I have thought about just not adding the trim.  The trim is a simple chain 1, slip stitch in next stitch around which just gives it a small rippled edge which reminds me of a row of garter stitch in knitting.  I tried to get some pictures but I didn't have anyone to hold it for me and I don't want to put it on a hanger again because I'm worried about the straps getting stretched out from the weight of the skirt.  I still have to get some ribbon to strengthen them.

So here is a picture of the top as it is now. The trim would go around the neckline and edges of the straps and underarm and also bottom of the skirt.  I do have 2 skeins of this Caron Simply soft Party with a metallic purple thread in it.  You can see a strand of it over the dress.  What do you think?

Should I....

  1. Use the contrasting color
  2. Get another skein of the same yarn or
  3. Skip trim all together

Here is a picture with the whole ball of yarn.  It looks a little more blue than it is.  It is more of a plum color.  What you can't see in this picture is where the light hits the metallic thread it has a hot-pinkish purple shine to it.

Below is a picture of the skirt portion of the dress.  It was a hard shot to get since I had to hold it with one hand and take the picture with the other.  It doesn't lay flat very well.

P.s. Buddy says "I'm the baby, gotta love me!"

Okay, here is another picture where I added the edging to the top but I didn't weave in the ends so I can undo it if I want. I'm a bit of a chicken liver and can't quite commit to the darker edging yet.


  1. Oh I hope someone can help with the snag, I'm clueless. If it were me, I'd be on YouTube looking for an answer. I think it looks absolutely stunning how it is. If you do the trim that yarn with the metallic would be a beautiful touch! I would get more of that.

    1. A lady in a crochet group I'm in suggested using a needle to tug at the middle of the stitch where the snag is and see if that helps and it did. Well, I actually think it was when I was tugging the yarn in the next stitch that helped. Now the snag is much smaller. I am thinking about using matching yarn to tack it down on the inside. I also added some more pictures where I added the trim in the Simply soft party yarn. I'm waiting to get some more opinions on how that looks before completely finishing off. I'm a chicken liver!

    2. So glad you got the snag figured out!! Great idea able it on the inside. Of the trim is looking great!!!!!! Such a beautiful dress!!

  2. sorry about the snag - I think I would have threaded it and pulled it through an existing stitch if possible. As for the contrasting edging - I think I would uses the same yarn, or something a little lighter. It might just be the photo but it seems too dark for a little one. My two cents. The dress is so cute. I love the pattern. I am not much of a crocheter, nothing more than blankets made of granny squares, but I love seeing more experienced crocheters and all the beautiful things they make.

  3. It's beautiful little dress! The only thing different for the snag that came to my mind after pulling the snag under some other stitches is to use a small length of sewing thread (as close to the same color as the yarn as you can get) to secure the snag. My thought is that sewing thread wouldn't add any bulk. To encourage you... A couple of years ago, not long after I finished an afghan I found someone had snagged it (caught it in the foot rest part of a recliner, I'm guessing). I was heart sick - not having a clue how to fix such a large snag. Well..while I was trying to think of how to fix it, somehow it ended up working its own way under other stitches (maybe during a washing?), and I can't even tell where it is anymore. Every once in a while I look for it thinking it will show up again, but to this day I still can't tell where the snag was. Hopefully, once you tuck the snag in, it will be "absorbed" into the rest of the yarn.


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